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Did The Religious People More Moral Than Atheists?

A study we conducted, led by psychologist May Gervais, found widespread and extreme ethical prejudice against atheists around the globe. Although this was the first demonstration of those bias in a global scale, its existence is hardly surprising. Research statistics show that Americans are less trusting of atheists compared to the other social group. After […]

How Punitive, Omniscient Deity Might Have Pushed The Expansion Of Human Society

For the majority of our literary history, human classes were small, closely knit communities. Only quite lately, some individual groups began evolving to the large scale societies using enormous interconnected trade networks we understand now. Urban regions in Mesopotamia, by way of instance, developed around 5,000 decades back. Whether trading or buying goods on the […]

Sex Among Gods Shook Heaven And Earth In The Ancient Mesopotamia

It wasn’t only so for casual people but also for kings and even deities.Mesopotamian deities shared several human adventures, together with gods marrying, procreating and discussing families and familial responsibilities. But when love went wrong, the results could be dire at both heaven and in the world. Scholars have noticed that the similarities between the […]